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We believe that our agency stands out for its innovative approach and its ability to adapt to changes in the market. As a young company, we aspire to offer our clients top-of-the-range services while contributing to the development of tourism in the Valais. Our commitment to quality service and our vigilance with regard to technological developments in the property and holiday rental market also sets us apart.

We are located in the Valais and are active throughout the French-speaking part of the Valais

The cost of our comprehensive rental management services is based on a commission of 25 % inclusive of tax after deduction of charges. Thanks to this, they are not constrained by mandatory rental dates. So they can book their accommodation for their own holidays, whether during the February or Christmas break, or at any other time that suits them. What's more, to give our owner customers complete freedom, we apply an annual administration fee. This approach means that they are not bound by mandatory rental dates. Unlike some agencies that apply date restrictions, our owner clients have the flexibility to book their accommodation for their own holiday, whether that be during the February or Christmas holiday periods, or at any other time that suits them. More information ...

The "Support and optimisation" package is an all-inclusive service offered at a single price. This price varies according to the size of the property. With this package, we take care of all the technical aspects of letting the property, including taking professional photographs, writing a guide for tenants, creating and managing the advert on booking platforms, etc. The owner retains the management of their property while benefiting from our expertise to optimise its visibility and profitability on the holiday rental market. For more information ...

In the event of damage, the procedure may vary depending on the booking platform used. However, as part of our rental management service, we require a deposit to cover any damage. In addition, we recommend that our owners take out household liability insurance that is suitable for holiday rentals. We have established a partnership with our insurer in order to provide our owners with the most appropriate advice for their insurance needs.

You can rent out your property yourself. It's important to realise that many people get discouraged when they realise how much time and organisation is involved. Checking in and out, cleaning, laundry, dealing with travellers - it's all very time-consuming. Using a holiday rental manager allows you to enjoy your second home without having to worry about managing it. At CosyHome, we provide a quality hotel service. This enables us to obtain quality customer reviews and therefore more rentals.

To determine whether your property is suitable for holiday rental, we advise you to contact us directly right here .

We offer two types of service. The first is full property management, where we take care of all aspects of rental management, from marketing and maintenance to welcoming tenants. The second service consists of putting the property online on booking platforms, while leaving the management to the owner.

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